Dear sailors,

my work on the Aristo project is finished, now it is up to others to work on improving the idea for the future.
I can send the plans of the first windvane model, from where the second model was born, which you can see on the video and on this site. 
The second model is like the first one, only the attachment system of the vane changes, now simpler, and the prettier turret, but in essence the rudder is the same, with 20 ° inclination and a large blade 80x30 cm, or small 25x65 cm (I recommend the big one).
As construction, the dimensions of the material are not important, but the perfect balance of the weights with the wind vane: the counterweights must have 1 cm more "arm" than the wind vane. In addition, the bearings must always be lubricated with spray silicone, and the transmission line system made with pre-stretched ropes and with ball bearing blocks.
I am available for suggestions for self-construction by photos or video.

Thank you, and good job!

Daniele (Venice - It)